FACEGYM Flagship Store

FACEGYM’s Flagship Store
December 13, 2016 Caroline
FACEGYM Flagship Store


FACEGYM caught my eye recently. As I edge nearer to the big 3-0 (ok, I’m 26 and really, I’m not too worried about that milestone), I do consider my skincare routine a little more. The complex world of anti-aging creams are approaching my radar fast and I’m told the earlier you start the anti-aging process the better.

I saw a skin specialist a while back that told me sun damage causes 90% off the aging process. Armed with this information and a bag’s worth of half-read Cosmopolitan articles, the idea of FACEGYM left a lasting impression.

It calls itself the UK’s only gym studio for your face where face specialists perform lifting and sculpting workouts for your face. The new Kings Road, London based flagship store looks more like a vintage blow dry studio than a sweaty gym and has got me very intrigued.

Aside from the flagship, the brand, which has stayed largely off of my radar until now, have a whole host of products on offer. My favourite has to be this Altitude Oil, £28.00 – I try to take ‘me time’ as often as possible, but with work and my deep set need to have too many extra-curricular activities, I am sometimes in need of a little pick me up. This oil does just that, boasting a clear head and improved immune system with continued use. I think I might have to start giving it out on my commute!

Do you have any new skincare finds? I’d love to hear about them! Or, have you tried out FACEGYM? Post your thoughts below!