How To Organically Grow Your Social Media Following

This is a different one for me for a few reasons. Firstly, my face is on the screen. I can’t believe it. Secondly, it’s careers-based. I did a bit of research lately on my social networks and realised that the people who are following my blog are most interested in careers and travel based content. So, here it is, my first careers-based post; how to organically grow your social media following.

There was a bit of a spat in the blogger world recently about the use of bots. I decided not to get involved in that, but instead to create this video to show you how to grow your following without resulting to paying for followers. It can be really daunting as a new blogger to know exactly how to make that happen, so I hope these help you. If you have your own suggestions, please post them underneath.

But oh wait, it’s not a post – it’s a video!


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