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  • Mar292017
    stop saying yes

    Stop Saying Yes To Things You Don’t Want To Do

    How to stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do, with people you don’t want to do them…

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  • May082016

    10 Things You Learn As You Get Older

    Yes – before we begin, that picture is a picture of me aged 17. It took me far too long…

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  • Apr102016

    Just Say Yes

    After the great response I got from my 5 ways to stop overthinking blog post recently, I thought I’d carry…

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  • Mar202016

    5 Ways To Stop Overthinking

    Overthinking can be a really awful thing to have to deal with; having your mind reeling in the middle of…

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  • Jan302016

    January Workout Favourites

    I can’t emphasise the importance of keeping yourself active enough. Active has a different meaning for everybody; for some, it’ll…

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  • Jan222016

    Paleo Blueberry Muffin Recipe

    This week I’ve continued on with my quest to find numerous uses for coconut flour. If you’re interested in finding…

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  • Jan092016

    Coconut Flour Benefits & Recipe

    Happy New Year everybody! I’ve spent my first week back at work experimenting with a few different recipes. I’ve mentioned…

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  • Dec082015

    Sharing The Blogger Love

    Today I felt like sharing a bit of love! Blogmas, as it turns out, is not easy. Coming up with original…

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  • Dec052015

    Hey Holla Gym Bag

    Looking for the perfect present to buy your health conscious friend or family member? I think I’ve found the perfect…

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  • Dec032015

    Get Happy In 2016!

    Instead of writing all of my goals for 2016 down, I thought I’d write some ways we can all be…

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