Barcelona: The Best Places To Visit During Winter


Barcelona benefits from a mild climate throughout the winter, which makes it a perfect European getaway. We visited Barcelona for New Year’s Eve; during the days you could comfortably walk around in a jumper and in the evenings a coat would suffice.

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Ahead of our trip, a number of our friends and family spoke about the different places worth visiting, quickly before reminiscing about how hot and packed it was. I was pleasantly surprised to find everywhere wonderfully quiet; something I don’t think tourists get from Barcelona in the height of the season.

Heading to Barcelona in the next few months? Take a look through my tips for the best places to visit during your trip.

Park Güell

Blog_Caroline Elvin

Blog_Caroline Elvin

Park Güell is an exceptionally beautiful park located on Carmel Hill, with breathtaking views over the city. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, Eusebi Güell had in mind that the park would feature a range of high-quality homes, surprisingly though, the people of Catalonia didn’t much warm to the idea. It is now a beautiful municipal garden.

We chose not to pay to go into the monumental zone, just because we wanted to have a wander. In the monumental zone you can see Gaudi’s House Museum which contains furniture that he designed – a great spot for Gaudi fans.

A general ticket (without tour) is €7, you can pay more for guided or private tours.

Castell de Montjuïc & The Olympic Village

Blog_Caroline Elvin

Blog_Caroline Elvin

If you were looking at Barcelona from the sea, this area of the city would be located on the hill to the left of your view. It’s not in walking distance, but a taxi journey from around the Port Vell area will cost you about €8. There’s a lot to see around this area, and we spent a whole afternoon here.

Most poignant for me was the famous Olympic swimming pool that overlooks the whole of Barcelona; you may recognise it from the Ford B-MAX advert in 2013. It’s now quite derelict, but there’s still something about it.

A short walk up the hill from there, you’ll come across the Castell de Montjuïc Cable Car. There’s actually two cable cars; one that takes you down towards the sea and another that takes you around the hill with great views of the La Sagrada Familia and the whole of Barcelona. We opted for the Castell de Montjuïc Cable Car as we were able to get off half way round and take a look around the Castell de Montjuïc.

The cable car is €10.80 per person for adults.

Camp Nou

Blog_Caroline Elvin

Blog_Caroline Elvin

Admittedly, if you’re not a football fan you may want to miss the stadium tour off of your list. But, if you’re able to catch a game while you’re there, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the atmosphere, even if you’re not the biggest fan. The stadium holds 99,354 people – which is 9,354 more than Wembley, to put it into context. The atmosphere is amazing and you’ll be able to watch some of the best players in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to book tickets before you leave for Barcelona – apart from the bigger games. We booked our tickets on the morning of the game online. You can also buy them from the FC Barcelona shop in the Plaça de Catalunya. Tickets worked out to be about £50 each.

In the coming weeks I’m going to put some of my favourite restaurants up on my blog. We had some amazing food whilst we were there, so I thought it’d be worth sharing it with you!


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