First Look: Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

As far as luxury goes, Nobu Hospitality is a leader. For me, a mark of a good restaurant is one that I book ahead when I know I’m visiting a city that it’s in. I’ve done that a few times with Nobu and have never been disappointed.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

The fact that Nobu has opened a hotel in Shoreditch says a lot about Shoreditch as a place. With The Curtain opening as a rival to Shoreditch House, this has been a big year for the East London location. With a rise similar to Brooklyn, New York, Shoreditch isn’t just the place to be for trendy Londoners but also for hospitality’s elite.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

This latest opening fits seamlessly into Nobu’s portfolio. With a focus on design and innovation, Ron Arad Architects and Ben Adams Architects worked side by side to create this calming oasis in the heart of the city. The interior was designed by local designers, Studio Mica.

The Interiors

With Shoreditch changing rapidly, I often wonder how the locals feel. Having seen such a drastic change over the past ten years, it must be quite surreal for them. Nobu Hotels evidently had the same thought. The Hotel features a pocket garden, creating a public space between the hotel and the street for locals to enjoy a little relaxation in their hometown.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

The interiors are very similar to hotels and restaurants I’ve visited before. The majority of luxury chains do this to give international travellers a sense of home away from home.

The rooms link timeless design with functionality. The black joinery contrasts with the exposed concrete structure perfectly. The addition of the soft textiles found in each room finish the design off. Essentially, the design creates a welcoming feel using what could typically be described as unwelcoming materials. It’s a very clever, industrial design and one that we’re becoming more accustomed to in contemporary hotels.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Some of the suites have private balconies that overlook the courtyard and the pocket garden. The largest of these suites is the Nobu Suite, which features two private balconies offering panoramic views of the London skyline. The suite also features a dining area, lounge and bathtub.


The bathroom is a very integral part of my stay. In Dublin’s The Marker Hotel, I spent more time in the bath than anywhere else! Jokes aside, a bathroom can tip a Hotel from luxury to tasteless. There are many factors to consider, from functionality to design, but Nobu Shoreditch has executed this balance perfectly.

The hints of gold that can be seen throughout the hotel are also apparent in here. It is so simply elegant and in keeping with the theme of the brand. Each bathroom features a walk-in rain shower and a custom-designed gold wash basin. The majority of the rooms do not have bathtubs. This seems to be quite common in city hotels. I have asked a few hotel representatives about this before and I think it’s primarily a space issue.

Other Facilities

There is the restaurant, which I move onto below. Aside from the restaurant, the hotel features a separate lobby bar on the ground floor; open to both guests and the public. This is a perfect place to have a few cocktails with your friends before moving onto the restaurant, or just to relax.

The meeting and events space, named Kaijo, caters to a range of occasions from celebrations to conferences. It can fit approximately 200 people for a cocktail reception and 120 people seated.

Finally, the spa and fitness area focuses on mindfulness and balance. If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m a big advocate for this, particularly when it’s lacking in places such as London. The Spa offers wellness and beauty facilities and there is a 24-hour fitness centre. The centre has everything you’ll need to work out, including a personal trainer available on request. Complimentary water and towels are available to guests.

The Restaurant

I am very fond of Nobu restaurants. Any foodie will attest to how great the food is, I often feel surprised that this is a chain, because each place offers something unique. The new 240-seat restaurant’s reservations list will surely begin to fill up quickly.

If you haven’t come across the Japanese restaurant before, it’s world-renowned for sushi and signature Japanese dishes. There’s also a 10 seat sushi bar and 18 seat chef’s table for those wishing to look at the chef’s skills up close.

Nobu Restaurant Shoreditch

Nobu Restaurant Shoreditch

The first dish shown above is the Tai Dry Miso. The second dish is the Bluefin Tuna Tataki. Many of the dishes available will be classic dishes from Nobu’s famous menu, but there will be some exclusive dishes available only at Nobu Shoreditch. This restaurant is also the first in the exclusive chain to offer breakfast.

Your thoughts

I’d love to know what you think if you’re visiting in the next few weeks. Or, have you been to any other restaurants or hotels in the group? Let me know your thoughts!

All room imagery by Will Pryce.


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