Marc Jacobs Beauty Review

Marc Jacobs Beauty debuted in August 2013. Marc Jacobs has never been synonymous with beauty, but I think his collection is underrated and perhaps the best I’ve come across. I’m always attracted to packaging, and the minimalist appearance of this packaging gives a real luxury feel to the product; one that makes you feel happy to leave it cluttering up your dressing table.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

The Products

I’ve been trialling the Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer, £32 and the Glow Stick, £28 for the past 6 months.

I spent a long time looking for an illuminator that gave me a dewy finish rather than an over-the-top sheen, and the Glow Stick does deliver. I’ve used face mists (primarily Avène Thermal Water Spray, £10) and the Glow Stick gives me a very similar effect to the face mist, but it’s a lot longer lasting.

I was initially attracted to the Coconut Face Primer simply because the word ‘coconut’ was in the product description. I’m easily pleased. Coconut oil has always been one of my skin saviours, so a product that offers five forms of coconut is a winner in my eyes.

The Face Primer

This primer keeps my makeup on for a noticeably longer time. I’ve had primers in the past that cling to dry skin. I’m pleased to report this one doesn’t. It almost acts as a slightly more watery moisturiser.

The coconut part of this primer is the real selling point for me. Rather than just smoothing your face and readying it for makeup, it really nourishes your skin. It also smells like coconut, which is always a plus.

It recommends using one pump for your whole face. I found two to be more realistic. I’ve been using this almost daily for 6 months and I’m now coming to the last dregs of the bottle.

The Glow Stick

As I mentioned, I’ve found it really difficult to find an illuminator that doesn’t make me look like an extra in TOWIE. I’ve been looking for a natural glow and this Glowstick has given that to me. Of course, if natural glow isn’t your style and you’d prefer a heavier look, you can build up the level of luminosity it gives you.

This product was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ runway shows, where the makeup is minimal and dewy. You can apply it with a brush, I mostly use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £9.99. You can also apply it straight to the face and then blend it with a brush or your fingers.

The Price Point

This range is mid-high end and the price represents it. The products I’ve tried are a step above other primers and illuminators of a similar price. Although I must say, I only use the primer for day-to-day wear. If I was going on a night out or had a special occasion, I’d opt for MAC’s Prep + Prime Natural Radiance, £30. I find MAC’s primer to be a little more creamy, so you feel it adds a stronger base layer.

Overall Verdict

So far, I’ve only ever repurchased the following:

Three products of all of the ones I try is really not a lot, so when I say I won’t repurchase, that’s really nothing against the products themselves, it’s more just that something has to completely change my life in order for me to not just try something else. Saying that, I’ve still got about a year left of the illuminator, so you never know!


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