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As silly as it sounds, I’m very attracted to ‘pretty books’. Pause, with its raised, dotted lines which caught the light at my local bookstore and its pleasing-to-the-eye fonts, well and truly falls into the ‘pretty book’ category.

The tagline for this book is: ‘how to press pause before life does it for you’ which is an interesting concept. Many people are guilty of over-subscribing themselves and eventually reaching a state of ‘forced pause’, which is discussed in detail in this book.

Danielle Marchant, Pause
Where should I read it?

This is a curled up on the sofa or reading in bed sort of book. I wouldn’t really recommend it as a beach read. I say that because when you’re on holiday you’re generally at your most relaxed and I think you’ll get more out of this book if you read it alongside the daily intricacies of life.

Pause‘s practical advice is also the perfect way to lull your brain into relaxation after a long day. It helps you to clear your mind with practical advice like free-flow writing. For this particular free-flow, you use the heading ‘what I want is…’ and then just begin writing. It recommends writing two pages of continuous prose and it can be structureless and doesn’t even need to make sense. It helps you to come to terms with your thoughts by pouring them all onto your pages.

Danielle Marchant, Pause
Is it for me?

Pause features a wealth of practical advice for people who are struggling to find their path in life or people who feel burned out by the baggage they’re carrying. It has spiritual elements to it, too. When the word ‘spiritual’ is brought up, many people lose interest, but it’s more about reconnecting with yourself and not about finding a higher being.

Broken into parts…

Part one talks about what Pause is going to teach you. It asks you to take part in a Pause Questionnaire, which includes statements like ‘I often try to please other people’ and you need to tick whether you do that often, sometimes or never. These statements add up to put together a portfolio of how much you’re taking care of yourself.

Part two comprises of just one chapter; resistance. It talks about the Western world’s preoccupation with being ‘too busy’ to do anything. It talks about why slowing down is so hard for us and gives ideas to facilitate the movement from too busy to relaxed.

Part three asks us to look to ourselves to answer some pretty deep questions. Chapters are entitled; what makes you thrive? What are your aspirations? And, what are you afraid of? The last chapter is called how far have you come? I really like the name of this chapter because when you’re constantly striving for something it can be quite easy to forget how far you’ve come.

Finally, part four covers the key areas of life that will need to be addressed in order to achieve the Pause mindset; nourishment, sleep and movement to name a few. My favourite is ‘cutting down on technology’. My job, which I happen to love, is reliant on technology, so it’s very hard for me to ever switch off. I read this chapter with interest and have since been leaving my phone at home to stop myself from the dreaded mindless scrolling when I’m out and about!

Danielle Marchant, Pause
What will I get out of it?

This book has given me a lot more awareness. About a year ago, I believed that working 24/7 was the key to success. Fast forward to now and I’ve realised that there’s more to life than that. More importantly, there are ways to still achieve your goals without running yourself into the ground.

This book will give you a greater understanding of your real, deep down feelings. It challenges you to ask questions that you perhaps don’t ask yourself on a daily basis. More importantly, it helps you to find your true calling.

Danielle Marchant, PauseRecommendations

As ever, please send over your book recommendations. I will try to put a new post up once per week, so I’ll need plenty to keep me going!


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