Book Review: Fearne Cotton, Happy

As an author, I recently decided it’s high time I started adding book recommendations to my blog. As my blog has a travel slant, I thought I’d include books that fall into the ‘holiday read’ category. My latest recommendation is Fearne Cotton, Happy.

What makes it a good holiday read?

For me, Happy gave me the tools to relax. This book details Fearne Cotton’s own journey to happiness and adds practical tips on how to achieve happiness for yourself. She also speaks to a number of her celebrity friends, including Craig David & Harry Judd, to discuss their ups and downs.

If you’re working hard, it’s likely the first few days of your holiday will be your time to unwind. It sometimes takes a few days to totally switch off. This book gives you the tools to reach that much-needed point of relaxation a little faster. It even includes a guided visualisation.

This isn’t a sitting at the pool read, though. The book is 18.5 x 23cm. So it’s bigger than your average book. Aside from the size, many of the pages require you to draw or write your thoughts and feelings. I see this as more of a before bed or spa-day book.

It is available on Kindle and through Audible, but I think by not having the hard copy version of the book, you’ll miss out on some of the best interactive features.

Is it for me?

When it comes to meditation and mindfulness, people fall into two categories; the lovers and the haters. I’m a lover, but I know plenty of haters, so I can also appreciate where they’re coming from.

The book goes into detail about a certain lifestyle that appeals to me. The lifestyle is one that includes healthy eating (but not starving yourself & never allowing yourself another treat again), it’s one that encourages you to look after your body and your mind as if they were one entity, rather than two entirely separate ones. Fearne Cotton shares her experiences of this lifestyle – and as somebody who also subscribes to this way of living, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I don’t think you need to follow Fearne Cotton as a celebrity to get a large amount of satisfaction out of it, either.

If you don’t believe in fuelling your body correctly, meditation or looking after your wellbeing, this book probably isn’t for you. It sounds silly – and certainly most people reading my blog will be thinking ‘who doesn’t want to look after themselves?’ but there are a lot of people out there who are just quite content. They don’t think about what they eat and probably don’t feel overwhelmed all that often. This book isn’t for those people.

Fearne Cotton Happy

What will I get out of it?

This has given me a lot of clarity. It has given me permission to think things that, up until now, I thought I was the only person who thought about them. I don’t overly like clubbing anymore. I loved it when I was younger, but now; not so much. Above all else this book has made me realise that I don’t have to do these things. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do, within reason. Especially not if it’s making me miserable.

It helps you to let go of worries and also let go of this sense of perfect that social media projects onto us. It talks in length about social media and how it only captures a snapshot of people’s lives. Social media comparison is never something I have fallen victim to, thank goodness. However, I know a lot of people have, so I hope this will help you.


Please send me over any book recommendations you have. I’d love to read them. My overall goal is to create some sort of online book club. I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of this one, yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know!


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