How To Take Some Time Out

I’ve realised lately how important it is to take some time out. I’ve been guilty in the past of madly declaring how ‘busy’ I am, but busy doesn’t always mean productive. For me, productivity comes when I’ve taken some time out for myself.

how to take some time out01. Don’t be so hard on yourself

You’re not always going to feel like being productive. If you have an off day, spending the day feeling guilty isn’t going to help. Instead, when I have an off day I’ve learnt to embrace it. I recharge; I watch TV, I have a long bath and watch YouTube videos and wake up in the morning feeling motivated again.

02. Think about what you love

It took me a long time to discover what it was that truly relaxed me. What stops you from worrying or thinking about anything else? I have a few things; writing/blogging, chilling out watching Netflix, or going for a nice, long walk. These are simple things, but they give you a clear head and help you feel more focused.

03. Join a fitness class

When I’m at bootcamp or yoga, my mind is all there. It’s impossible to spend too much time thinking about work or over-analysing that conversation with your boss when you’re in downward facing dog. Plus, I don’t need to tell you how good staying active is. Not having the money or time isn’t an excuse. There’s ParkRun locations up and down the country that offer a 5k route for free and it won’t even take up an hour of your time.

how to take some time out

04. Spend some money on yourself

Whether it’s a bit of shopping, a nice meal or a beauty treatment, spending money on yourself makes you feel good. We’re so preoccupied with saving for mortgages and rent that we sometimes forget about ourselves and end up whittling away our money on rubbish. Is there something you’d really like to buy? Make a separate savings pot for it.

05. Collect experiences, not things

Admittedly, this is rather contradictory to my last point, but it’s about balance. If you don’t want to go to some plant-based restaurant opening in Shoreditch on a Monday night, don’t (here’s my thoughts on what you should and shouldn’t say yes to). But, travelling to new places and opening yourself up to new experiences will give you that bit of ‘time out’ you need.

Do you have any tips?

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any tips, please share them with me. It has taken me a long time to figure out how to take some time out and these tips have really helped me to get back on track and feel like I’m being more productive than ever right now.


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