De-Clutter Your Life

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De-Clutter Your Life
November 13, 2016 Caroline

For many, the ‘spring clean’ is the ultimate home tidying session. For me, winter is the perfect time to get your house in order. Why? Mainly because it’s cold outside, so you’re spending more time inside and, just like your autumn/winter wardrobe, there’s no better time of year to shop for homeware.

Many of you will know that my Brother and I started the homeware brand, Mooku, last month. So, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching, planning and generally immersing myself in the world of design and interiors. So, it’s likely you’ll see more of these types of posts moving forward.

Now is a great time to get your house ready for Christmas – which will inevitably mean guests and hosting! So, lets start with the basic ideas that I’ll be covering in the next few weeks:

Does it bring you joy?  

I adopt the KonMari method when it comes to tidying. I’ll be speaking about this in more detail moving forward, but simply put – it’s time to stop hoarding items that don’t spark joy. Everybody has their own method of clearing out – but this method allows you to only keep items in your home that you really love. The ultimate goal here should be that you only keep things that make you truly happy. How many products in your house spark a genuine joy?


De-cluttering doesn’t just mean tidying the cupboards and only having a capsule wardrobe. It also means de-cluttering your mind. A homeware de-clutter is just a small part of the overall goal, here. Take a look at key areas of your life; is your inbox overflowing with unread emails? Do you have a clear picture of all commitments in your diary/calendar for the coming week? Are you in control of your spending habits and aware of the way you’re spending your money? In the coming weeks, I’ll be going into a little more detail on each of these points, but right now, I’d like you to take stock of all of the areas of your life and write down the areas you feel least in control of.


Hygge is the art of Danish living that is taking the world by storm. It’s moments in your life that bring you absolute pleasure; an open fire, a cup of steaming tea after a long day, the rain lashing against the window when you’re tucked up in bed. These moments aren’t materialistic, they’re emotions of contentment that are found within. Ultimately, if you’re not getting enough Hygge in your life, you need to take a look at what it is that brings you that type of happiness and how to get more of it in your life. You’ll find your home will be directly effected by your change in mood.

The Capsule

I mentioned the idea of the capsule wardrobe briefly under the ‘de-clutter’ heading. Many of you will be well aware of the capsule wardrobe, but for those who aren’t; it’s an edited collection of your clothing, accessories and shoes – quite often divided by season. It’s your uniform that only includes clothing you wear everyday rather than a huge, overflowing wardrobe of clothes you wore once in 2012! You can edit everything in your life down to a capsule and I’ll be talking you through how to do that; from kitchen to make-up – the minimalist approach will make you feel organised and in control.