August Travel Must-Have

If You're Looking For: An In-Flight Miracle

August Travel Must Have
August 16, 2016 Caroline

I’m going to try to put my favourite travel product up on here once a month. It wasn’t until I started travelling more frequently that I realised that every single beauty brand has a ‘travel must-have’, so it’s important to know what’s worth it and what’s not.

August Travel Must-Have

Kiehl’s range of travel tested solutions are worth looking into. I’ve been using the Ultra Facial Travel Kit long before I started regularly travelling, mainly because my skin does get dry on planes. The products I use are 75ml, so they’re comfortably within the travel perimeters, but they do last for a lot longer than the average travel-sized product – probably because you only have to use them sparingly.

The travel kit includes an ultra facial cleanser, ultra facial toner and ultra facial moisturiser. I think this has updated since I bought my last batch, though, because I have a fantastic facial mist spray, too.

I use the cleanser to remove any make-up in flight, the spray to keep myself feeling fresh and hydrated and the moisturiser for a slightly more hardcore level of application – for when I’m feeling particularly dry!

I’ve tried a huge range of plane miracle products and these are by far the most effective. If you do have any others, I’d be very keen to hear what they are!