Top 5 New York Hotels

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Top 5 New York Hotels
July 17, 2016 Caroline

The world is more accessible than ever for the adventurous folk among us, and with New York just 6.5 (max) hours from the UK, it’s possible to go on a weekend break to the Big Apple. So, we did. Here’s my top five hotels for a weekend break in NYC

Soho House, Meatpacking District

Top 5 New York Hotels

Many of you will be familiar with the super-popular Soho House chain; and the quality of this particular Hotel is no exception. When you stay at the Hotel, you’re able to take advantage of all the benefits bestowed upon members which includes; bars, restaurants, Cowshed Spa, screening room & rooftop pool.

Aside from the fact the decor of Soho House is very in tune with my own tastes, making it more of a ‘home away from home’, the location of New York’s version is ideal for first-timers. It’s situated in the Meatpacking District, and if you like a bit of ‘real New York’ you’ll love meandering through the streets of Chelsea & Greenwich Village. New York is absolutely huge – we walked 15 miles per day – so although this Hotel isn’t ideally situated for places like Times Square, you’ll get more of a genuine New York experience from this location.

The Surrey, Upper East Side

48 Hours In New York

This hotel exudes classic elegance. Among its many features is the seasonal rooftop garden (as shown above) and gorgeous Art Deco decor. Why did I choose this rather pricey hotel? Well, it’s a real, special occasion treat in a rather fabulous location just off of Central Park. If you’re looking for a weekend of high-end shopping, great food and even a little bit of exercise (Central Park is an exercise hub!) then this is the place for you.

From this location, you can easily walk all the way along Park Avenue towards Greenwich Village & East Village. It’s a long walk, sure, but you won’t be short of things to do along the way.

The Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca

Greenwich Hotel Caroline Elvin

This chic, boutique hotel was partly designed by Robert De Niro – there’s a random, fun-fact for you! Some elements of this Hotel certainly remind me of Europe, not necessarily the UK, but perhaps a little Old Town Portugal. As we’re talking more about location over style (all the Hotels I’ve chosen are beautifully decorated – I’m very fussy!) this Hotel offers a slightly different look at NYC.

Located in Tribeca, the surrounding areas include some very good restaurants, some even better shops and – arguably most importantly – the apartment block on ‘Friends’, is in close proximity! Stay somewhere like this if you’re interested in exploring Brooklyn, Wall Street, Battery Park & Staten Island – there’s two days exploration packed into those locations alone.

Box House Hotel, Brooklyn

5 Best New York Hotels

For those of you who don’t know, Brooklyn is London’s answer to Shoreditch. It’s very cool, innovative and fresh. I had to put a Hotel in this vicinity on here, because it opens up a whole new part of the City, unexplored by many a New York traveller. From this location, you can easily slip onto McGuinness Boulevard into Long Island City & then take the toll road over to NYC. You will come out pretty near to the Empire State Building and the journey from door to door takes 15 minutes (3.3 miles).

Brooklyn is a foodie paradise; home of amazing burgers, mouthwatering pizzas and very cool vegan-friendly restaurants. Many New Yorkers now live in Brooklyn as a cheaper alternative to Manhattan, so if you’re thinking about a move, why not see what’s available a bit further afield?

Citizen M Hotel, Times Square 

Top 5 New York Hotels

I wanted to find a hotel that retained New York charm in the Times Square area. If you’ve never been to New York before, Times Square is a must. I’ll be honest, it was the worst part of my trip (absolutely heaving with tourists) but it’s still good to experience it. Plus, Times Square is quite a central point for most tourist attractions.

There’s just something different about this Hotel. Sometimes, when you’re in the centre of big cities – this is very true of London, as well – Hotels seem to lose their charm in order to cater for the world. I like to visit Hotels that keep that certain quirkiness about them – and this is a great example of that.